4 Soccer Warmup Drills Your Players Will Love

A proper soccer warmup is important if you want to perform your best and stay healthy and injury free. It is also important that you do the correct type of warmup to be effective in your practice or game. Now, this might not necessarily sound like the most fun part of any training session or practice, but below you will find 4 Soccer Warmup Drills your players will love!

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1. Greeting Game


A simple but easy way to get your players moving around and interacting with their teammates. This is a great drill to begin your season off with, especially for youngsters.

Begin with your players running randomly inside of a grid.

When the coach calls out various types of greetings, each player then has to carry out with others; shaking hands, high fives (one hand), high fives (opposite hand), shoulder to shoulder, back to back etc.

Get creative with the greetings so your players increase their body coordination.


2. Link Tag


Link Tag will get your players moving in a tight unit, helping to create communication skills, agility, and lateral movement coordination.

Three players link arms around the shoulders and must move together to protect the pinnie handing from the back shorts of the middle player. A fourth unlinked player will attempt to run around the group and steal the pinnie.

3. Tiger Tails


We can introduce dribbling, agility and lateral movements to our players, all while keeping practice fun with the Tiger Tails drill.

Players dribble their ball avoiding the one player without a ball, who is trying to steal the dribbler’s pinnies from their shorts. When a player is caught, they give the ball to the chaser and become the chaser.

4. Flag Sprints


The Flag Sprint drill is a great competition based warm-up drill involving dribbling at speed and changing direction.

Given the hard sprints, it is best to make sure your players have already performed their dynamic stretching before starting this drill.

On the whistle, 2 players in opposite diagonal corners dribble to next corner, leaving the ball in the corner box. On reaching the corner box, the next player in line dribbles to their next corner box. Meanwhile, the original dribbler continues running around a flag and races the 2nd dribbler to the next corner box. The drill continues in a circle without needing whistles.

Do you have any favourite¬†soccer warmup drills you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them below in the comments!

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