Taking Positives From Being Cut

So your child didn’t make their dream team. They shed a few tears, said they wanted to quit, and locked themselves in their room for the evening. It’s important to look beyond the short-term and recognize there are some positives from being cut.

Yes, getting cut as a 13-year-old might seem like the end of the world. Thankfully the sun will rise tomorrow, perhaps brighter than ever.

Inevitably it is going to happen at one point or another; your child will not make the team they had aspirations of making.

Whether it was the super league AAA team or the regional B squad, being told you aren’t good enough still takes a hit to anyone’s their pride and confidence, no matter their age. Here are some reasons why your child might actually benefit from this predicament.


After being relegated, your child goes from being another player on the higher level team to a leader on his new squad. Instead of being a follower, they are naturally given the chance to build their leadership ability. Now they are flourishing in a new social dynamic rather than just coasting along. Their influence might even be contagious enough to inspire some of their teammates to play a little harder and fine-tune their skill.


Maybe the drop in tier now gives your youngster the opportunity to play the position they want as opposed to filling in the final remaining spot. Now they’re being counted on to play in different situations, such as special teams & late game scenarios, to help their team succeed. They are becoming more creative with their playmaking, notching a few more points, grinning a little wider, and genuinely more excited about going to the rink.


There’s a saying out there that goes “the most dangerous weapon a hockey player can have is confidence”. Now all of a sudden your kid is playing better hockey than he ever has and when next season’s tryouts roll around, they’re a no brainer for the team they were formerly cut from. Or maybe they had so much fun last season they want to play at the same level again, it’s up to them!

It’s Happened To The Greats

There are countless stories of amazing athletes being cut from teams only to go on to dominate their sport.

  • Michael Jordan was famously cut from his high-school team in the 9th Grade.
  • Chris Chelios was unrecruited and eventually cut from his first college team.
  • Lionel Messi was told he was too small for his team when he was 11.

It is safe to say each of these players grew stronger from these experiences.

At the end of the day, there are positives traits that arise from almost any hardship in minor sport. We just need to dig deep to find them. Ask any athlete, professional or amateur, there aren’t too many that weren’t cut from a team at some point!

Tryouts can be a stressful time for everyone, despite what Homer Simpson has to say.

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